Mixx Doors is a one stop shop for all your Luxury requirements for Internal Doors, Sliding Doors & Partition Systems in Aluminium, Wood, Glass, Leather, Stone, Metal and other exotic materials with mixed combinations. Located in the National Capital Region of Delhi – Gurgaon, with an exclusive display over 25000sqft, it is an exclusive Indo-Italian association, for nothing else but the best-in-class technical solutions for your Internal Door requirements for the selective elite Indian Clientele.
Mixx Doors exclusively represents European profiles and hardware for the Indian market currently catering to High end Clientele and a very professional network of Architects and Interior Designers offering a combination of solutions in Aluminium, and wood Alusystems for the Internal Door Range.
Having more than 21 years’ experience in installation of Doors and Windows and an In-house R&D giving us a lead over the other processing and fabrication workshops
Always at the center of Luxury Residences are the Mixx Doors sliding solutions that expresses its distinctive performance and aesthetic qualities. Thanks to its exclusive technical support and supplier from Italy that enhances its reliability of movements and its compositional versatility.
Qualities which are common to a collection of doors enriched over time of different designs and customised aesthetic proposals as desired by Architects and Designers, from the severity of the perimetric framed doors to the ones based on the design of original geometries and textures.
Implement for the organization of Luxury residence spaces, the Mixx sliding door collection can now be integrated for various options and styles.
The Mixx Doors collection is nothing but the result of progressive technical and stylistic research aiming nothing short of Tri-Balance between design, innovation, and reliability. The variety of solutions, such as swing doors, pocket doors, Flushed In line and with magnetic closure systems, makes the proposal absolutely unique.
The versatility of the collection is underlined by the extraordinary range of glass, metal, leather, stone and wood finishes that can be freely combined, implementing the architectural feature of the line with the possibility of integration with various options and styles that the designer desires.
Glass partition wall system, always custom made, providing linear, corner and terminal solutions for the internal organization of domestic, public, or professional environments.
The versatile design of Mixx Partition is underlined by the possibility to combine it with Mixx sliding door collection and the wide availability of Decorative Mesh and fabric glass and various metal finishes.